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Births, deaths and marriages

Find BDM records listed by the various states


History societies and groups

Lists 300+ Australian history groups


Passenger lists and immigration

State held shipping records and private lists


Cemeteries and burials

Online records for Australian cemeteries


Occupations and trades

Occupational lists and historic records


Wills, probate and inquests

Find Last Wills and inquest records


Wars, conflicts and heroes

WW1, WW2 and other war records

Census and electoral rolls

Census and Electoral Rolls

Popluation records including naturalisations

Latest links

October 2017

  • Fully revisited all of the links to the online indexes for the Queensland State Archives in various categories.

May 2017

  • Victoria cemetery list verified.  Box Hill cemetery data is back online, however Kew cemetery data appears to have been removed. A new site for records of the Hamilton Cemetery (15,000+ records) has just been launched.
  • New South Wales cemetery list verified
  • Queensland Cemetery list updated. Many new regional cemetery lists have been found. As a number of the regional councils have recently removed their burial listings from the web, these new links may assist those looking for smaller and/or remote burial lists.
  • Health, homes and adoption page fully updated to reflect changes to Government websites