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Colonial photographers

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The list details the some of the names and addresses of various Australian colonial photographers from 1850 onwards.

Alfred Oakey's Portrait Gallery

[1859] 29 Bourke St, Melbourne

Notes: Aug 1859 - retired from business and goods sold at auction


Mr Charles Allen

[1859] 201 Rundle St, Adelaide

Notes: Dec 1859 - owner leaving colony and assets sold

Alligatorial Photography

[1859] 230 Pitt St, Sydney

American and Australian Daguerreotype Gallery

T S Glaister

[1855-56] 100 Pitt St, Sydney. Importer and dealer. Branch in Brisbane

American Degarrean Gallery

J Gow

[1855] 253 George St, Sydney


Mr J Audet

[1858] Sydney

Notes: 1858 - regularly travelled to Maitland, Tamworth and New England area

Batchelder and O'Neills Photographic Portrait Rooms

[1857-60] 57 Collins St, Melbourne

Notes: Supplies


P M Batcheldor

[1856] 37 or 57 Collins St, Melbourne

Batcheldor Brothers

[1858-59] 348 George St, Sydney


Mr Wm True Bennett

[1858] George St, Brisbane

Bertenshaw's Photographic Rooms

[1857] Collingwood


W Blackwood

[1859] 16 Wiliam St, Melbourne


B C Boake

[1857] 3 Swanston St, Melbourne

[1858] 100 Bourke St, Melbourne

Notes: moved in March 1858


Alfred Bock

[1858] 140 Elizabeth St, Hobart


T Bowditch

[1859] Nicholas St, Ipswich


Professor R A Brown

[1858] George St, Sydney


Mr M Brown

[1858] 628 Wilshire Place, Brickfield Hill

[1857] 415 Wilshire Place, Brickfield Hill

Challinor's Photographic Rooms

Mr G M Challinor

[1858-59] Brisbane St, Ipswich

Chandler Brothers

[1859] Singleton

Notes: 2 weeks ony

Cheyen and Scott

[1857] 7 Collins St, Melbourne

Cleverdon's Photographic Gallery

Clapham and Cleverdon

[1857-58] Brisbane St, Launceston

Notes: partnership dissolved in October 1857


Frederick Henry Coldrey

[1860] Ballarat

Notes: Insolvent estate sold in late 1860

CT Sandon and Co

C T Sandon

[1855] 171 George St, Sydney

Notes: Photographic supplies


A Cunningham

[1859] Armidale, NSW


A P Curtis

[1858] Perth

Dalton's Collodion Portraits

Mr Dalton

[1856] 245 George St, Sydney

Dalton's Portraits

Mr Dalton

[1857] 243 George St, Sydney

Denslows Photographic Gallery

J W Denslow

[1857] 58 King St, Sydney - moved in July 1857

[1857] 185 George St, Sydney

[1858] 90 King Street, Sydney

[1859] 84 King St, Sydney

Derry's Photographic Portrait Rooms

[1857] 5 Collins St West, Melbourne

Dowling's Chromatype Gallery

Wm Paul Dowling

[1859] Launceston


S and M Duryea

[1855-56] Cnr King Willam St, Adelaide

Notes: 1856 - Advertised business for sale stating intention to return home. 1858 - Still advertising in Adelaide. Made country tours

Duryea and McDonald

[1854-55] 3 Great Bourke St and 9 Collins St West, Melbourne


J G Eames

[1857] Market Square, Illawarra

Fearn's Photographic Rooms

William Fearn

[1858] Beechworth

Flavelle Brothers

[1856] Sydney

Notes: Suppliers

Flintoff's Photographic Portrait Rooms

[1860] Ballarat


Frederick Frith

[1856] 19 Murray Street, Hobart

[1859] Launceston


[1859] Sorrell

Notes: Short time only

Frith Brothers

Henry Albert Firth

[1858] Hobart

Notes: Toured country areas

Glaister's Excelsior Photographic Galleries

T S Glaister

[1858-59] 247 Pitt St, Sydney

Glaister's Photographic Depot

Mr Glaister

[1858] 147 Pitt St, Sydney

Golden Grove Photopgraphic Rooms

W H Lamb

[1857] Golden Grove, Adelaide

Notes: 1 week visit


Mr Green

[1856] 385 George St, Sydney

Notes: Retiring from profession

Guy Brothers Photographic Gallery

[1858] 290 George St, Sydney


Edward Haigh

[1861] Melbourne

Notes: Arrived in January 1861


E Hart

[1853] 156 Elizabeth St , Sydney

[1855] 197 George St and 295 George St, Sydney



[1854] Northumberland Hotel, West Maitland


Mr Conway Hart

[1860] 60 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Hart and Millers Photographic Gallery

[1855-57] West Maitland



[1855] Devonshire St, West Maitland


H Haselden

[1856] 107 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

Notes: Business advertised for sale in January 1858 - owner returning to England

Haviland's Collodiotype Portrait Gallery

Mr Haviland

[1857-59] Opposite post office, Sydney

Hawkins Portrait Rooms

[1857] 5 Queensbury St, North Melbourne


Thomas Heath

[1859] Johnstone St, Wagga Wagga


W Hetzer

[1851] Hunter St & Glouchester St, Sydney

[1859] 287 George St, Sydney

Hewitt and Nettleton's

[1860] 91 Bourke St, Melbourne



[1858] next post office, Melbourne

Hyam's Photographic Rooms

[1860] 67 Collins St, Melbourne

Insley's Photographic Portraits


[1859] 328 George St, Sydney

Janes and Baker

[1859] Elizabeth St, Melbourne


William Johnston

[1856] St Kilda

Notes: Photographic chemicals and supplies

Johnstone and Wivell Photographers

[1856] 86 Collins St East, Melbourne


Henry Jones

[1859] Elizabeth St, Melbourne

[1861] 41 Collins St, Melbourne


R A Jones

[1859] 127 Elizabeth St, Melbourne


L Lamb

[1855] Melbourne


J D Leeson

[1858] Sale


J Liddington

[1859] 309 George St, Sydney

Livezey and Alexander

[1855] Melbourne


Oswald Thomas Madeley

[1861] Kyneton

Notes: Insolvent estate


B McClelland

[1855] Melbourne

Messrs Charlewood and Sons, Printers

J S Barling

[1853] Great Bourke St , Melbourne

Messrs Freeman, Brothers and Wheeler

J Freeman

[1854-58] 231 George St, Sydney

Notes: 1857

Messrs Maurice and Blackwood

Mr Maurice and Mr W Blackwood

[1857] 322 George St, Sydney

Notes: Commenced operation in April 1857, partnership dissolved in June 1857

Miller and Engleharts

[1855] West Maitland

Miss Felton's Photographic Rooms

Miss M Felton

[1859] Pitt St South, Sydney

Miss Wilkinson's Photographic Studio

Miss Wilkinson

[1856] 144 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Mr Woods Gallery

Mr Wood

[1857] Cnr Bourke and Liverpool Sts, Wooloomooloo

Noone's Photographic Portrait Rooms

[1857-58] 9 Collins St West, Melbourne

Notes: In 1858 spent two months in Talbot taking portrait photographs

[1860] 41 Collins St West, Melbourne


J S Norrie

[1850-58] 170 Pitt St, Sydney

Notes: 1858 - advertising chemicals for sale at 341 Pitt St address


Mrs Nott

[1854] 3 Swanston St, Melbourne


Thomas Palmer

[1857] 17 Bridge St, Sydney

Notes: Supplier

Paterson Brothers

[1859] 82 Swanston St, Melbourne

[1860] 141 Bourke St, Melbourne

Notes: Business advertised for sale in May 1860

Pein and Herber

[1856] 192 George St, Sydney


G W Perry

[1856] 5 Collins St West, Melbourne

[1856] 5 and 9 Collins St West, Melbourne

Notes: 1858 - Business advertised for sale due to ill health


Alfred Phillips

[1857] 83 Collins St, Melbourne

[1858] 7 Collins St, Melbourne

Photgraphic Portrait Gallery

Pierre Holster

[1859] Brisbane St, Launceston

Photographic Gallery

[1856] 7 Collins St, Melbourne

Photographic Portrait Gallery

[1856] 7 Collins St, Melbourne

Photographic Portrait Rooms

Mr Elsbee

[1857] Nicholas St, Ipswich

Notes: Commenced operation in June 1857

Photographic Room of Art

J A Tronier

[1857] Fig Tree Hotel, Illawarra

Photographic Skylight Gallery

Mr Insley

[1856-58] 229 George St, Sydney

Notes: 1858 travelled to Port Curtis


C Pickering

[1858] Manly Beach

Pickering and Stewart

[1859] Wilshire Place, Brickfield Hill


J H Plunkett

[1858] George St, Sydney

Notes: Working for Mr W Hetzer

Professor Bennett Clay

Professor Bennett Clay

[1857] Launceston

Professor Hall

Professor Hall

[1854-55] North Terrace, Adelaide

[1856-57] 83 Hindley Street, Adelaide

Professor Wood

Professor Wood

[1856] King William St, Adelaide

Reeds Photographic Gallery

[1856] 197 George St, Sydney

Roberts and Witt

W F Roberts and Charles H Witt

[1859] Ryrie St, Geelong

Notes: Partnership dissolved in late 1859


W Robinson

[1855] 86 Collins St East, Melbourne

Royal Photographic Portrait Establishment

Mr Dalton

[1858-59] 400 George St, Sydney

Skylight Gallery

Mr Ferris

[1856] Sydney

Notes: Skylight Gallery, next to the General Post Office


Mr A Smithers

[1857] Paterson

Notes: 10 day visit to Paterson

Smith's Original Photographic rooms

A V or V Smith

[1859] Main Road, Ballarat

Notes: Business establshed in 1855

Sydney Gallery of Photographic Art

Freeman Brothers

[1856-7] 231 George St, Sydney

[1859] 392 George St, Sydney

The Excelsior Travelling Photographic Saloon

Messrs Bradley and Quinn

[1858] Heildelberg, Melbourne

The London Photographic Saloon

[1859] 230 Pitt St, Sydney

The Royal Photographic Portrait Gallery

Mr Dalton

[1858] 243 George St, Sydney

Thomas Thompson

Thomas Thompson

[1855] Gawler Place, Adelaide


Mr C Tuke

[1856] Church St, North Parramatta

Turners Portrait Gallery

[1856] 24 Great Ryrie St, Geelong

Waxworks, Phrenological Museum and Photographic Gallery

Professor Sohier and Mrs Williams

[1858] Melbourne


J Wheeler

[1856] Tarraville

[1858-60] Market Square, Castlemaine

Notes: In 1856 he advertised that his Tarraville rooms would be permanently closed.

Wheeler and Company


[1853] 15 Bridge St and 34 Hunter St, Sydney

[1854-55] 456 George St, Sydney



[1855] 197 George Street, Sydney

Williams Gallery

[1857] 4 Collins St, Melbourne


A Winter

[1861] Bourke St East, Melbourne


Mr Yates

[1856] 41 King St, Sydney

Notes: Previously at 470 George St