Cemeteries and burials

Many of Australia's cemetery records have been digitised to provide relatives with easy online search functions.  The list below includes links to over 300 documented cemeteries across the country most of which have online records.

Australian Capital Territory


Brisbane Metro Cemeteries

Regional and Country Cemeteries

New South Wales

Sydney Metro Cemeteries

Regional and Country Cemeteries


Melbourne Metro Cemeteries

Many of the major Melbourne Cemetery records are online and fully searchable. In some cases you can drill down to see companion burials and grave locations which is useful for finding family members. Some of the links below will enable you to search multiple cemeteries in one go.  If the records are not online you can often call direct and ask the staff to search their offline digital records.

Note: Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - the website for the Melbourne General Cemetery and others notes "We are currently working towards making the records of Cheltenham Memorial Park and Brighton General, Cheltenham Pioneer, Dandenong Community and Melbourne General cemeteries online" however this note has been there for many years and it appears it is not the case. You may need to call or email them directly.

Regional and Country Cemeteries

Western Australia

Perth Metro Cemeteries

Regional and Country Cemeteries

South Australia

Adelaide Metro Cemeteries

Regional and Country Cemeteries


Northern Territory


Online databases of burial records in a large number of Australian Cemeteries including some transcripts.  Covers many of the smaller country cemeteries.

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